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Malaysian Evaluation Society


Strengthen Evaluation Capacity

The Initiative will:

  • Organize and deliver webinars with international keynote speakers;
  • Design, create and deliver e-learning programs;
  • Encourage south-to-south and peer-to-peer technical assistance;
  • Design and administer mentoring programs;
  • Facilitate training organized by local institutions and more developed VOPEs.



Participate and share your knowledge through social networking




If you would like to request assistance to strengthen your Voluntary Organization of Professional Evaluators (VOPE), please write to Jim Rugh and Marco Segone, at: Contact us

EvalPartners Evaluation Report

EvalPartners Evaluation Report is now available for sharing. Please read the full report


The separate 6-page Executive Summary is available here


Download the Management response to the evaluation.

Key progress with EvalPartners

We have the pleasure to share with you the key progress done within EvalPartners.


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