Designing and Managing Evaluations that Integrate Equity, Human Rights and Gender Equality

UNICEF and UN Women are pleased to welcome you to this new Resource center on how to design and manage evaluations that integrate Equity, Human Rights and Gender Equality.


The website is structured in two parts:


WEBINAR Enabling Gender Responsive and Equity Focused Evaluation


On 31st January EvalPartners Equity Focused and Gender Responsive (EFGR) Task Force hosted a WEBINAR on Enabling Gender Responsive and Equity Focused evaluation (EFGR), as part of  the  EvalPartners initiative.  The webinar was Facilitated by Professor Donna M. Mertens.


This was the second webinar organized by the Task Force with particular responsibility for  promoting EFGR evaluation.

During the webinar Donna  Mertens addressed enabling factors that are relevant to sustaining and encouraging a gender responsive/equity focused orientation for evaluative practice, with specific attention given to the issues of  stakeholders’  involvement


The presentation was followed by a discussion where online participants had the opportunity to raise questions and make their interventions via online chat facility. Please see the Q&A document with participant’s questions and Professor Donna M. Mertens’s responses.


Donna M. Mertens, PhD
Donna M. Mertens is a professor in the Department of Education at Gallaudet University and serves as the editor for the Journal for Mixed Methods Research. She conducts and consults on gender responsive and equity focused evaluations in many countries, including Kazakhstan, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Botswana, South Africa, Brazil, and Egypt. The primary focus of her work is transformative mixed-methods inquiry in diverse communities that prioritizes ethical implications of evaluation,  in pursuit of social justice. Her recent books include Program Evaluation Theory to Practice: A Comprehensive Guide and Transformative Research and Evaluation.

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